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Co-Founder Cameron Davidov has worked in the organic food industry since graduating from business school at Tulane University. He is a New York City based entrepreneur with a passion for solving one of life’s unsolved mysteries...how to enhance taste and improve after-taste through an eating utensil. Along with his father, Ken, a lifelong product developer, Cameron is introducing his first product, SpoonTEK, to the world. SpoonTEK is a mind-blowing technological innovation that will change the world of taste forever and will instantly give consumers a superior eating experience.

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By using patent-pending technology, food tastes a lot better. 

Enjoy low cal foods, lower your sugar and salt intake.

Enhance the flavor of fruits and dramatically improve the aftertaste.

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A spoon that elevates taste using patent-pending technology, it enhances sweet and salty, and improves after-taste.



Your tongue can detect 5 basic flavors -- sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory. When we eat, our taste buds are activated and, ultimately, the brain determines our final perception of flavor and taste. SpoonTEK uses advanced galvanic sensory technology to activate & excite the taste buds on your tongue. The immediate result is enhanced flavor, heightened taste, and improved after-taste.

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